Legal Aid Ontario engages in public consultations to better understand the needs of our clients and enhance service delivery. Notices of upcoming consultations and information about those that have closed are available here.

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Current and upcoming consultations

Tariff reform consultation 2020-21

Last updated July 27, 2021

Overview Updating the way we pay lawyers is an important part of modernizing Ontario’s legal aid system, makes LAO more responsive to community needs, and puts our clients at the centre of everything we do. Since December 2020 we have been collecting feedback through online…

Clinic modernization 2020‑21

Last updated January 21, 2021

New framework for the delivery of legal aid services by community legal clinics Overview With the passing of the Legal Aid Services Act, 2020, LAO must implement a clear framework for the delivery of legal aid services by community legal clinics serving communities throughout…

Past Consultations

Clinic law services strategic direction

Last updated December 23, 2019

The paper, Clinic Law Services Strategic Direction, outlines the key objectives and principles that will underpin how the future of clinic law will be further developed to ensure the best possible client service in the most cost-effective ways. The paper outlines four overriding…

LAO support for clinic leasing and leasehold improvement

Last updated May 13, 2020

LAO has released a discussion paper that proposes to fund clinics’ annual leasing and leasehold improvement costs based on the 2013 Ministry of Infrastructure Realty Policy space standards. This is a new funding model for clinic lease and leasehold improvement costs, and…

Modernization consultations: Summer 2019

Last updated February 2, 2021

Overview This consultation explored ways the legal aid system can become more client-focused and efficient. Through this process, and building on LAO’s strategic plan, we, together with service providers, aim to make the legal aid system more innovative, accessible and…

Racialized Communities Strategy consultation 2017/18

Last updated December 23, 2019

Overview Since 2016, Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has been meeting with legal aid applicants and clients, lawyers, community legal clinics and other community agencies to talk about issues faced by racialized communities when trying to get the legal services they need. Key documents…

Refugee law services consultations

Last updated December 23, 2019

Refugee law services transformation feedback – February 2013 Between Feb. 21 and Mar. 11, 2013, LAO is asking the refugee bar and stakeholders for their feedback on its proposed new refugee law services delivery model. LAO developed this new model in light of Bill C-31 and…

Archive: Discretion Consultation (May 2012)

Last updated December 23, 2019

Discretion Consultation Discretion is a compensation tool that allows Legal Aid Ontario to approve, in exceptional circumstances, lawyers’ written requests for additional compensation above the hourly tariff rate. Lawyers who represent vulnerable clients, manage complex…

Community legal clinic performance measures

Last updated December 23, 2019

In July 2016, Legal Aid Ontario updated the clinic performance measures examples and charts document to provide more definitions and descriptions for the performance measures. Performance measures examples of charts and reports, updated July 2016 In October 2015, Legal Aid…

LAO’s Executive Compensation Framework

Last updated March 28, 2019

As a requirement under the Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Act, 2014 (BPSEC), Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) is developing an Executive Compensation Framework. The BPSEC establishes requirements that designated public sector employers must meet when setting executive…

Refugee & immigration panel standards

Last updated December 23, 2019

LAO’s board has approved new general and appellate standards. Documents General standard Last updated: May 2015 General standard for Refugee Protection Division and Immigration Appeal Division work, as well as detention reviews and applications for humanitarian and…

Domestic Violence Strategy

Last updated February 11, 2020

Overview: LAO has committed to developing a multi-year, multi-faceted, province-wide domestic violence strategy that will build upon the services and supports that LAO already has in place. The strategy will enable LAO to: better identify and prioritize the complex intersecting…

Mental Health Appeals Program consultations

Last updated December 23, 2019

Individuals in the mental health system are a particularly vulnerable group. As part of Legal Aid Ontario’s Mental Health Strategy, a program will be introduced to expand the availability of certificates and hours for appeals from decisions of the Consent and Capacity Board…

Open government consultation

Last updated December 2, 2019

A discussion paper “Open Government at Legal Aid Ontario: Promoting transparency and accountability in Ontario’s justice system” was released publicly by LAO in April 2016. The purpose of this consultation paper was to promote Ontario’s open government…

Refugee and Immigration Law Services: Service suspensions consultation

Last updated December 23, 2019

Overview Between May 23 and June 16, 2017, Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) held a series of in-person and online consultations sessions to address the possible need to temporarily suspend some refugee services. LAO asked for feedback and ideas on what the organization could do to achieve…