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Accounts & billing

Court fees


Requests for the following types of disbursements (authorized, additional funds) can be submitted through Legal Aid Online using electronic document submission or LAOiFax process.


In some cases, where exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated, a discretionary increase in payment of an account may be granted where an account has exceeded the tariff maximum for the certificate. If your account exceeds the tariff maximum, and you want to apply for discretion, attach the appropriate form when submitting the account:



Lawyer assisted application

Case management and litigation


These assessments will assist LAO’s Case Manager in setting a budget that will provide counsel with the resources required to deliver a high-quality and cost-effective defence.

Big Case Management (BCM)


Complex Case Rate case eligibility application
The Complex Case Rate (CCR) roster membership offers eligible lawyers enhanced funding on particular types of cases.

Complex Case Rate (CCR) panel application
Membership on the Complex Case Rate roster is a prerequisite for a case to be considered eligible.

Expert forms


Change of information

  • Lawyer change of information form
    Use this form if you are changing information only. Fill in only the information that you are changing. Leave the other sections blank.

Duty Counsel Program


Second chair program



Please submit a letter and curriculum vitae outlining your training and experience in the area of law for which you are requesting authorization. You can also complete this form outlining any training and experience you have in this area of law.

Request for authorization

Release of information


Plea comprehension form
Mandatory form for use by all staff criminal duty counsel

Accounts and billing


  • Request for Resignation
    If you wish to be removed from the Roster, or to remove certain authorizations to provide Legal Aid Services in a specified area of law, please complete this form and submit it to your local District Area Office.


Court Costs and Section 13 Recoveries

  • Assignment of Judgement for Costs
    Use this form if your client has been awarded costs in a matter covered by a legal aid certificate and the costs are not payable directly to LAO. The form should be completed and submitted to Lawyer Services and Payments alongside the “Information about Court Costs Debtor” form.
  • Information about court costs debtor
    Please complete this form if you are submitting an “Assignment of Judgment for Costs” form.

Opening PDF forms on your computer

Forms on our website are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF and Word formats. You can download free viewers for these file types:

PC users

  1. right click on the link
  2. select ‘save as…’ or its equivalent
  3. save a copy of the file to your computer
  4. open the file from your computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader

MAC users

  1. press the Control (ctrl) key and click on the link
  2. when the option menu appears, choose “Download link to disk” or “Download linked file”
  3. save a copy of the file to your computer
  4. open the file from your computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Mobile devices

Mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Blackberry and Android devices may have problems opening certain PDF files. If your mobile device displays a ‘Please wait…” error message, try opening the PDF on a computer instead.


This error most commonly occurs when using the Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser to open a specific type of PDF form. To resolve this issue, make sure that Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed and follow the steps mentioned above.

If you’ve followed these steps and are still experiencing difficulties, please contact the Lawyer Service Centre.