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LAO updates processes for Refugee Protection Division hearing coverage

Published October 3, 2019

Further to LAO’s August announcement restoring immigration and refugee services, starting September 23, 2019, RPD hearing preparation authorizations for most claims will again be available after a claim has been referred to the Immigration and Refugee Board and when…

Duty counsel service changes effective July 7

Published June 18, 2019

Effective July 7, there will be key changes to duty counsel responsibilities. In making these changes, LAO was guided by the following principles: prioritize LAO resources and services to our clients with the highest risk provide services to LAO clients that are legally and…

LAO providing limited refugee law services through staff offices

Published May 15, 2019

Legal Aid Ontario’s refugee law offices in Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa are working under new case selection criteria, designed to serve the clients most in need. The refugee law offices in these locations will assist financially eligible clients with: refugee appeal…

Billing webinar: Using Legal Aid Online

Published February 21, 2019

Join us for a free webinar on how to effectively use the Legal Aid Online billing portal to get paid quickly and accurately. As a bonus, participants will earn one professionalism CPD hour. Date: Saturday, March 2, 2019 Time: 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. LSO…

Staying connected to Legal Aid Online

Published January 28, 2019

Stay connected to Legal Aid Online by making sure your email address on file is up to date. If you can’t log in to your account, request a new password through the password reset form on the Legal Aid Online sign‑in page. For extra protection, set up a personal security…

Updated: LAO changes to policies and certificate coverage

Published June 12, 2019

LAO is changing the way we fund, provide and manage legal services. Our priority remains to provide quality frontline service to our clients, while regularly reviewing our programs to better and more efficiently deliver them. We are updating the following certificate policies and…

Submit your eligible account—get paid sooner

Published February 20, 2019

Starting February 24, 2019, certificate accounts eligible for automatic payment will be paid on the first Wednesday or Friday 14 days after they are submitted—instead of the current 21. We are pleased to announce that about 120,000 accounts per year will…

The Legal Aid Ontario Client Portal has launched!

Published December 3, 2018

Clients can now quickly and conveniently complete the following essential tasks online, in either French or English. Complete the Consent & Declaration (C&D) agreement. View all communication with LAO in one place. View personal information. Find a lawyer that accepts…

Showing 51 - 60 of 72 results