Financial testing resumes for family law services

Published: October 24, 2022

On Oct. 24, 2022, Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) will return to its pre-pandemic eligibility requirements for family law services. This change affects everyone seeking the services of our family law duty counsel and summary legal advice, regardless of whether this help is provided in person or by phone. The same financial test, based on income and family size, will apply to both services.

As before the pandemic, duty counsel will provide summary legal advice only to people attending family court who meet LAO’s financial eligibility criteria. Financial testing will resume for summary legal advice provided by phone and in person at courthouses, Family Law Service Centres (FLSC), and Family Law Information Centres (FLIC). Emergency family summary legal advice services remain exempt from eligibility testing.

People who are ineligible for legal aid will be informed of other local resources and/or referred to the Information and Referral Co-ordinator (the I.R.C.) working from the nearest Family Law Information Centre (FLIC). LAO does not run this service, and hours vary by location. Individuals are encouraged to contact their local courthouse to confirm the hours and availability of the I.R.C.

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