New Assignment of Judgment for Costs and accompanying Information about Court Costs Debtor forms available

Published: November 4, 2022

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has developed an Assignment of Judgment for Costs, which includes a corresponding Affidavit of Execution, to be used when a roster member’s client has been awarded costs in a matter covered by a certificate and the costs are not payable directly to LAO.

For more information on costs, please see volume 55 of the Better Billing Bulletin (B3) and Chapter 6 of the Tariff and Billing Handbook.

In addition, an accompanying Information about Court Costs Debtor form provides instructions regarding the Assignment and Affidavit and includes a series of questions regarding the judgment debtor for the roster member to answer. The information provided will be used to assist in LAO’s efforts to collect costs.

The two forms should be completed by the roster member who acknowledged the certificate and submitted to Lawyer Services and Payments through Legal Aid Online.

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