LAO increases interpretation rates for certificate matters

Published: December 12, 2022

Legal Aid Ontario is increasing language interpretation rates on certificate matters from $31.40 to $39.25 for the first hour and from $19.20 to $24.00 for subsequent hours, beginning December 12. The new rates will apply to interpretation services that are provided on or after the effective date.

The rate increase is in response to concerns raised by roster members that it has become increasingly difficult to find interpreters willing to accept legal aid rates. The change in rate will help roster members retain qualified interpreters and ensure that legal aid clients receive appropriate representation and access to justice. This increase applies to all areas of law.

How it works

To accommodate this change, two new disbursement items have been added to the regular disbursements section of the account page in Legal Aid Online to reflect the increased rates:

  • Language Interpreters 12/22 ($39.25/1st Hr – max 10 hrs)
  • Language Interpreters 12/22 ($24.00/Subs Hr – max 10 hrs)

Roster members who are unable to find an interpreter willing to accept LAO rates after obtaining three quotes, can request that Lawyer Services and Payments authorize a rate which exceeds these rates.

There is no change to the billing process for interpretation services in Legal Aid Online. Lawyers can still bill 10 hours for both first and subsequent hours without authorization* Lawyers requiring more than 10 hours can request additional hours from Lawyer Services and Payments. The Disbursements Handbook is currently being updated.

*Please note: Lawyers may bill up to 13 hours without prior authorization where a certificate has been amended to include either or both of the 2-hour enhancers for BOC preparation or refugee hearing preparation during the Covid-19 disruption.