Updates to self-report process for 2022 reporting period

Published: December 14, 2022

The upcoming annual self-report period for 2022 opens on Jan. 3, 2023.

All Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) roster members admitted prior to Aug. 10, 2022 must complete and submit an annual self‑report to:

  • renew or retain membership on the legal aid roster and authorizations for all areas of law in which they work
  • confirm their ongoing compliance with the minimum experience requirements in the area of law in which they provide legal aid services
  • automatically update their standing on LAO’s rosters

Roster members who joined the LAO roster after Aug. 10, 2022 are not required to submit a 2022 annual self-report, but they will be required to submit one in future years.

Using the self-report, lawyers can also request removal of authorization in certain areas of law, or they can resign their roster membership altogether.

Lawyers can access, fill in and submit their self‑report on Legal Aid Online. The self‑report will be in the Personal Info section.

Deadline to report – March 31, 2023:

LASA 2020 and its rules require all roster lawyers to complete their self-report by March 31 each year.

Roster lawyers who do not file their self-report by March 31, 2023 will be automatically redirected to the self-report page and will have limited Legal Aid Online functionality. Acknowledging new certificates and submitting accounts to LAO will not be possible until the report is filed.

Roster lawyers who do not file an annual report prior to the self-report’s ultimate closure date in December 2023 may be suspended and removed from the roster (Rules 32 (5)(6)).

For technical difficulties with the online self-report, contact the Lawyer Service Centre at 4169799934 or 18669799934.

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