Refugee law

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The following categories outline what you will need to make a refugee claim, important deadlines you will need to keep in mind, and helpful resources to get you started:

  • Timelines
    The timeline for your claim depends on where you started your claim and what country you are from.

  • Starting your claim
    Learn about how you can start a refugee claim and what will happen when you begin a claim.

  • Completing your BOC form
    The Basis of Claim (BOC) form explains who you are and why you need refugee protection in Canada.

  • Documents to support your refugee claim
    Learn about the documents you might need for your refugee claim, and helpful resources for collecting and submitting them on time.

  • Before your hearing
    Learn what to do if you need to change your contact information or BOC form, and how to ask for changes to your refugee hearing date.

  • Appealing refugee decisions
    If your refugee claim is rejected, you might be able to appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD).

  • Judicial review
    If your claim is rejected and you cannot appeal, or your appeal to the RAD is rejected, you can apply for a judicial review for your decision to be overturned.

  • Admissibility hearings
    Admissibility hearings decide if you are allowed to come into or stay in Canada, if you are a permanent resident or foreign national, for example if you have criminal convictions.

  • Links and resources
    A list of links and resources for finding more information and help on refugee law.

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