Links and resources for refugee help

Legal aid and lawyers:

  • Legal Aid Ontario (LAO): Services are provided to eligible refugee claimants by private bar and LAO staff lawyers, and are also available at some legal clinics. Services include Basis of Claim form preparation, representation at refugee hearings, at the refugee appeal division, and at judicial reviews (Federal Court).

  • Refugee Law Office (RLO) (Toronto): Offers services to legally aided refugee claimants in Toronto. The RLO also provides representation at detention reviews before the Immigration Division, as well as support to lawyers and community outreach.

  • Community Legal Clinics (CLCs) (Ontario): Some of these non-profit legal clinics offer immigration and refugee law services. Contact your local clinic to see if these services are available. Community Legal Education Ontario is a specialized community legal clinic that provides public legal education on many topics of law, including immigration and refugee law.

  • Legal aid across Canada: Legal aid across Canada: B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador offer immigration and refugee legal aid services. The Legal Aid Plans of Canada website has a complete list; however, some provincial plans do not cover refugee matters.

  • Law Societies across Canada: Use this resource to make a complaint about a lawyer located in your province or territory

Community organizations:


  • Find a Lawyer or Paralegal (Ontario): Find a Lawyer or Paralegal (Ontario): Use the Law Society of Ontario’s directory to find a legal representative for your refugee and immigration case.

Immigration consultants:

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