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Can I stay in contact with my child if CAS puts them for adoption?

Last updated January 11, 2023

If a child protection agency wants to put your child up for adoption and an access order is in place, you can take steps to try and stay in contact. An access order is a document that sets out when, where and how a parent or a caregiver can have contact with their child in…

What if my family unit is experiencing a unique situation (for instance, I am undergoing a divorce, my child is in custody, or I have a shared parenting arrangement)? How might this affect the size of my family unit and my eligibility for legal aid?

Last updated January 13, 2023

Please call us at 1‑800‑668‑8258 to speak with a client representative who can learn more about your situation and discuss your eligibility. Your spouse may not be counted as a member of your family unit depending on the circumstances of your divorce, and your child may not be considered dependent if they are not primarily…

Which family members count as part of my family unit?

Last updated January 11, 2023

Click here to download image. Open in new window Your family unit includes: You Your spouse (married, common-law, same-sex). A spouse is someone you: Are married to, or Live with in a common-law relationship (meaning you have lived together for three or more years, or you live together and have a biological/adopted child), or Live…

Why does Legal Aid Ontario ask about the number of family members I have?

Last updated January 13, 2023

The number of family members in your family unit and the combined income of all members will affect your eligibility to receive legal aid. Please note that other factors will also affect your eligibility for legal aid (like whether you are experiencing domestic abuse and whether you own any assets).

Questions about serving family court documents

Last updated July 18, 2023

What is service? What is serving documents? This is the process of giving a copy of the documents in your family case to the other party. What is personal service? It’s when the person who gives a copy of the documents does it in‑person and by hand-delivering a copy to the other party or their…

Child support

Last updated February 9, 2024

Child support is the amount of money that one parent pays to the other parent to help pay for the costs of caring for the child. Usually, the “payor parent” either spends less time with the children or, if they spend an equal amount of time with the children, makes more money. A parent can…

Parenting time (formerly access)

Last updated February 15, 2023

Parenting time (formerly access) is the right to visit—or be visited by—your children. It also means the right to get information on your child’s health, education and well being. People often get confused by decision-making responsibility (formerly custody) and parenting time. Decision-making responsibility is when you have the right to make decisions about how to…

Serving court documents

Last updated January 11, 2023

Serving court documents or “service” is when you give a copy of all the documents in your case to the other person in your case, who is known as the other party. You have to serve your documents to the other party because that person has a right to: know about a case that has…

Showing 1 - 10 of 17 results