Can I stay in contact with my child if CAS puts them for adoption?

If a child protection agency wants to put your child up for adoption and an access order is in place, you can take steps to try and stay in contact. An access order is a document that sets out when, where and how a parent or a caregiver can have contact with their child in a supervised situation.

If you have one that entitles you to some contact with your child, the child protection agency must tell you that it is planning to place your child up for adoption, via a notice advising you that:

  • the child protection agency plans to place the child for adoption
  • the access order will terminate upon placement for adoption, and
  • you have 30 days, starting from the day you receive the notice, to apply for an openness order (an order that will allow some form of contact to continue after adoption).

For more information, visit: Steps to Justice – Child Protection