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Last updated August 12, 2022

Mediation is a process where a trained professional helps you and your ex to settle a variety of issues. Mediation might be right for you if you have no concerns for your safety and you and your ex are both open to working together. Mediation is a good alternative to going to family court. Here…

Starting a family court case

Last updated July 8, 2021

For any family court case, there are Family Law Rules that have to be followed. In those rules, you can find out the exact steps of a case and what forms you will need to complete. Tip: the family court forms match the family law rule number. For example, rule 8 is about starting a…

Decision-making responsibility (formerly custody)

Last updated April 21, 2021

Decision-making responsibility (formerly custody) is about making major decisions about how to care for and raise your children. These decisions could include: Health care Religion or spirituality Education Decision-making responsibility is not about where the child lives. For example you could have sole decision-making responsibility and are the only decision maker, but your child lives…

Simple divorce

Last updated July 21, 2022

A simple divorce is also known as an uncontested divorce, which is when you and your ex agree to divorce. This is different from a contested divorce, which is when you and your ex do not agree to all the issues raised by the divorce. This could include disagreements about child custody or support or…

Children’s Aid contacted me. Can I get legal aid help?

Last updated March 10, 2020

If you financially qualify, then we can help you if you: want to see your children. want your children at home with you (you should call us as soon as you are contacted by Children’s Aid). are a family member or a member of the child’s Indigenous community and you want the child to stay…

I have a family court matter. Can I get legal aid help?

Last updated March 10, 2020

We might be able to help if you financially qualify and if: you are subjected to domestic abuse you want to separate from your husband, wife or partner you need to decide custody, support or access Children’s Aid has your children or contacted you

Showing 11 - 16 of 16 results