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Impact of Race and Culture Assessment (IRCA)

Last updated November 15, 2023

What is an Impact of Race and Culture Assessment (IRCA)? IRCAs are reports that are used for Black and other racialized adults and youth at the sentencing stage of the criminal process. IRCAs help judges consider how racism, poverty and discrimination have contributed to a Black or racialized person’s interactions with the justice system, and…

What is an assignment of money seized?

Last updated February 28, 2023

An “assignment of money seized” is when you sign an agreement that says Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) owns any money that was taken (seized) when you were arrested. If there is suspicion that the money has been acquired illegally and/or is related to the offence, the police can seize your money whether or not you…

Can I re-apply for legal aid for the same matter?

Last updated February 15, 2023

You can re-apply for legal aid for the same matter if six months have passed since your original application was denied based on financial reasons, and there has been a change in your financial circumstances (e.g., job loss). Call us at 1-800-668-8258 (toll-free) or 416-979-1446 (local Toronto) to speak to a representative about your situation.

What is a consent and declaration form?

Last updated April 27, 2023

Consent and declaration forms are signed by you, the applicant, to create an agreement about how you will work with LAO. For example, by signing the form, you are giving LAO permission to: Look at your financial information to make sure you are eligible to receive our services Get information about your legal proceedings Share…

How do I let Legal Aid know who my lawyer is?

Last updated January 13, 2023

If, when you apply, you have a lawyer you want to work with (and they do legal aid work), you can tell us when you apply for a certificate. If you choose a lawyer after you’ve received your certificate, you can call us to let us know who it is or you can give your…

I have been refused legal aid. What can I do?

Last updated January 11, 2023

You can request a review if your legal aid application was refused. You have 22 business days from the date on your notice of refusal or cancellation. If you are in jail or hospitalized, you have 52 business days to request a review. Learn more about the appeal eligibility review process.

What can I do if I do not qualify for legal aid?

Last updated July 11, 2023

You can represent yourself or hire your own lawyer. Even if you decide to represent yourself, it’s good to consult a lawyer for some guidance and advice. LAO’s lawyer search tool or the Law Society Referral Service can help you find a qualified family lawyer. These online resources can also help you navigate the family law system: Ontario Court of Justice guide: Representing yourself at…

Showing 1 - 10 of 20 results