What is a consent and declaration form?

Consent and declaration forms are signed by you, the applicant, to create an agreement about how you will work with LAO.

For example, by signing the form, you are giving LAO permission to:

  • Look at your financial information to make sure you are eligible to receive our services
  • Get information about your legal proceedings
  • Share information with your lawyer

By signing the form, you are also showing that you understand:

  • You have certain responsibilities as a recipient of LAO’s services (such as providing the correct information and following LAO’s processes)
  • The cost of your court proceedings and the cost of your legal aid services will be handled in a specific way depending on your case
  • You cannot make electronic recordings of your interactions with LAO staff without permission

If your spouse or another person is going to provide information to LAO, they must also sign a consent and declaration form.