Racialized Communities Strategy

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) is committed to ensuring that racialized clients do not face barriers to receiving LAO’s services and to combating systemic racism in the justice system.

Following a consultation, LAO launched the Racialized Communities Action Plan in 2020, a 10‑year plan that commits LAO to 17 specific objectives in its work with racialized communities.

LAO will strive in the next ten years to ensure that its racialized clients receive high-quality legal services and ensure that they receive the full access to justice they have under the law.


Outcomes reporting

LAO will start to collect information on bail and criminal case outcomes to identify issues such as unfair treatment or unequal treatment in the justice system, identify the need for improvement and develop appropriate responses.

Impact of Race and Culture Assessments

Impact of Race and Culture Assessments (IRCAs) are reports focused on Black and other racialized Canadian adults and youth, primarily at the pre-sentencing stage of a trial. They assist sentencing judges to better understand how an offender’s experiences of racism, poverty and discrimination inform the circumstances of the offender, the offence committed and the offender’s experience with the justice system.