Legal Aid Ontario releases new five-year strategic plan

Published: January 16, 2019

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) reaffirms its commitment to meeting clients’ needs in its new five‑year strategic plan.

“The needs of the client are paramount, and this sentiment was echoed by all, both inside and outside the organization,” says David Field, LAO’s president and CEO. “LAO will be guided by the strategic goals in this plan as we move forward with both the creation of new programs and the enhancement of existing services.”

The strategic plan, which is the product of consultation with staff, clinics and justice partners, outlines how LAO will develop and deliver its programs and service. The strategic goals are:

  • client-centred focus
  • demonstrated value for money
  • innovative services
  • engaged staff
  • effective collaboration

Following the release of this plan, LAO will begin to develop specific initiatives to support each of these goals. Updates will be provided as projects are implemented.

LAO’s strategic plan can be found under the reports section of its website.