Data set: Certificates issued

Legal aid certificates pay lawyers for specific services. If a client qualifies financially and has a legal issue that LAO covers, we will help pay for a lawyer to represent them.

Each data set lists the number of legal aid certificates issued in a given year by area of law and forwarding sorting area (FSA), or first three characters of a postal code.


File Format Data type Data last refreshed
2018/19 certificates CSV Table June 2020
2017/18 certificates CSV Table June 2020
2016/17 certificates CSV Table June 2020
2015/16 certificates CSV Table June 2020


Note that data collected does not contain and information about client identities, their applications for legal aid or particulars for their case. This information is considered confidential as per the Legal Aid Services Act.

The data for this file is generated based on the first three characters of the postal code collected as part of the certificate application process (records with invalid or missing postal codes are not included in this dataset), the area of law covered by the certificate and the date the certificate was issued. Cells with a value of less than 6 were masked with a value of X.