LAO social media policy

We use the social networks Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with Ontarians and stakeholders, and to participate in conversations happening online about access to justice.

What can you expect from our feeds?

Here we tweet LAO news items and announcements, fresh pieces from our blog, access to justice news, and everything related to legal aid in Ontario. Some information is operational (like: hours, services, clinic closures, etc.), but this account is primarily for public engagement.
LAO on LinkedIn
On LinkedIn we share blog posts, select news items and announcements, and some LAO in briefs.

Please note that we cannot process complaints over social media, and most questions about services will be directed to our contact us page to speak with someone at our call centre.

If you need legal help, please call 416‑979‑1446 in Toronto, or 1‑800‑668‑8258 outside of Toronto.

Who we are

Corporate accounts

The @LegalAidOntario, @AideJuridiqueON, and Legal Aid Ontario on LinkedIn accounts are managed by the LAO communications department.

Ambassador accounts

Ambassador accounts are managed by the person named on the account, with oversight provided by the communications department.

LAO Twitter accounts Account manager
@LegalAidOntario, @AideJuridiqueON Communications department
@CRO_LAO LAO Clinic Resource Office
@LAO_LAW, @laolawfr LAO LAW legal research

The nitty gritty


The LAO Twitter accounts are monitored consistently (though not constantly) during business hours, from 9‑5, Monday to Friday. Tweeting does not occur exclusively within these hours.

Twitter is not a source of official LAO policy

While LAO accounts will frequently tweet LAO policies and positions, messages squeezed into 140 characters don’t always manage to communicate the full scope of the information being linked to, and are not to be taken as the final word. The only official LAO policies are pieces of information that are labelled as such.


We’ll do our best to reply to any tweet with a question or concern about LAO services within twenty‑four hours. We can’t process complaints or give legal advice over social media, but we can direct you to somewhere that can.


Following is not an endorsement from @LegalAidOntario.

Tweeting and retweeting

Retweeting is not endorsement. Tweets are never legal advice.


If you have a media enquiry, please contact our media relations officer.

Questions? Please e-mail us.


More questions or feedback about our digital activity? Please e-mail us.

French language services and social media

All information published on LAO‑hosted websites is in English and in French.

Similarly, tweets from LAO accounts sharing information published on LAO‑hosted websites will be in both official languages.

Retweets will sometimes be in only the language of the original tweet, be that English or French. French tweets will not link to English‑only information without a warning.