Getting started

Welcome to Legal Aid Online! To make sure this secure billing portal is effective for you, read this important information before you get started.

User agreement

Read the User Agreement very carefully before using Legal Aid Online. It contains important information about Legal Aid Ontario’s security and privacy policies.

Legal Aid Online user responsibility

Legal Aid Ontario is not responsible for any activity on Legal Aid Online by any person(s) you may have authorized to access your Legal Aid Online account. You agree to accept responsibility and liability for all transactions or activities that occur under your account whether made by you or any other designated person(s).

When you first sign in

The first time you sign in to Legal Aid Online, you will be prompted to change your password. It is important that you complete the challenge question and provide an up‑to‑date email address. Check the User Guide for more information about your password.

Bookmarking the Legal Aid Online sign-in page

When you sign in to Legal Aid Online our server immediately generates a unique and secure connection. As a result, you can’t bookmark the site once you’ve signed in. However, you can navigate to the home page, and bookmark this before you sign in:

  • Bookmarking with Internet Explorer: If you are using Internet Explorer, just add click “Add to Favourites” under the Favourites tab.
  • Bookmarking with Firefox: Open the “Bookmarks” drop‑down menu, and choose “Bookmark This Page.” You can also type Ctrl‑D to save the bookmark.

Sharing your password

We recommend that you check out the “Password Tips” section in the User Guide for more information about your password.

Post‑payment examination

After lawyer accounts are paid, some accounts may be randomly selected for post‑payment examination. Lawyers will be notified if their accounts have been selected for examination and will be notified of the results.

Message centre

Check the Message Centre when you sign in. This is where you’ll find notices about when the site will be unavailable for scheduled maintenance, and other information.