Family Case Management

LAO developed family case management (and mid‑level case management for criminal matters) in response to feedback from the private bar during LAO’s province‑wide consultations on discretion.

It provides lawyers managing costly, complex cases with cost certainty, predictability and adequate resources to deliver high‑quality, cost‑effective services.

Cases eligible for case management include:

  • CYFSA matters (except supervision order matters) likely to cost more than $8,000
  • Family/domestic matters likely to cost more than $12,000

Extended society care matters are eligible for case management where the certificate was issued prior to February 3, 2020. All other CYFSA and domestic family certificates issued on or after February 3, 2020 are eligible for case management.

LAO case managers collaborate with lawyers to develop this budget, comprised of tariff authorizations and blocks of hours.

What happens

  1. Step 1: Once it is clear costs are likely to exceed $8,000 in a CYFSA matter or exceed $12,000 in a family/domestic matter, counsel completes a case management assessment form and forwards it to the LAO.

  2. Step 2: LAO’s case manager reviews the assessment form, contacts counsel to discuss the case, and sets the budget, if indicated.

  3. Step 3: LAO adds case management authorizations to the certificate.

  4. Step 4: Counsel completes the work and submits the account. It will be paid within 29‑33 days, so long as the account matches or does not exceed the budget, breach any billing rules, is not late billed, etc.