File and serve your application for a judicial review (Toronto)

Take the copies of applications for judicial review to the Registrar’s Office of the Federal Court of Canada. It is located at 180 Queen Street West, Suite 200, (corner University Ave), 2nd Floor.

  1. You will have to pay a $50 filing fee;
  2. Once the Registrar gives your applications back with a court number, you have to take them to the Department of Justice.
  3. The Department of Justice is located in the Exchange Tower at 130 King Street West (corner York Street). Take the first set of elevators to the 19th Floor;
  4. You leave one copy of the leave application at the Department of Justice and you get them to sign on the back of the other copies;
  5. Take one of the copies signed by the Department of Justice back to the Registrar’s Office at the Federal Court and leave it with them; and
  6. Keep the other copies.