Bail conditions

Bail is when you are allowed to stay outside of jail while you wait for your case to go through the court system.

Usually, there are rules known as bail conditions. You have to agree to follow these rules when you are out on bail.

What types of bail conditions do I need to follow?

Examples include:

  • Not talking to (in person or over text or phone or online) with the alleged victim or complainant
  • Not talking to (in person or over text or phone or online) with your co‑accused
  • Not going within a specific distance of a specific place or person(s)
  • Live at a specific address
  • Stay at home during specific hours—usually overnight
  • Follow the rules of a house arrest.

It’s very important that you follow the rules exactly as they are spelled out.

Case study

One of Jerome’s conditions was to stop texting his ex‑girlfriend, but when he sent a message on Facebook to his ex‑girlfriend’s sister, the police were notified.

Jerome was re-arrested and sent back to jail for breaking his bail conditions.

What happens if I don’t follow my bail conditions?

  • The police will re-arrest you and hold you in custody for another bail hearing

  • The Crown can ask the court to cancel your bail and a new bail hearing will be held with all your outstanding charges including the failure to comply with your recognizance charge.