Rowbotham application pilot

The Ministry of the Attorney General is piloting a faster process for applications for state funded counsel Rowbotham orders—for applicants who have counsel assisting them and whose applications will be heard at the selected Superior Court of Justice (SCJ) pilot locations.

Rowbotham pilot implementation dates

Date Court
November 15, 2016 Ottawa and Cornwall SCJ Courts
December 1, 2016 Barrie and Hamilton SCJ Courts
January 1, 2017 Newmarket and Sault Ste. Marie SCJ Courts
February 1, 2017 Whitby, Oshawa and Milton SCJ Courts
March 1, 2017 Windsor and London SCJ Courts
April 2017 All SCJ courts

The client must meet the following conditions to be considered under this pilot:

  • The client must have exhausted all of their legal aid appeals.
  • The client is facing serious and complex charges.
  • The legal matter is proceeding in one of the pilot locations in Superior Court.
  • The client’s immediate family is unable to fund legal services.
  • The client already has a lawyer
  • The prosecuting Crown is seeking a term of imprisonment
  • LAO has identified the client as potentially eligible for this pilot program and has advised the client’s lawyer.


Consent and waiver to Legal Aid Ontario to release information
Upon receipt from the client of this form, LAO will release the client’s file to the client’s lawyer.

Acknowledgement from counsel authorising legal aid to release information
If the client is not available to sign a consent to release the file to a lawyer, then the lawyer can request that LAO release the file to the client’s counsel.

Application for state‑funded counsel
Before an application for state funded counsel can begin, all legal aid application and appeal processes must be complete. To start an application for state‑funded counsel, the application form, together with copies of the documents and other forms to support the application, must be completed.


If you would like more information, please send in your request to LAO’s General Case Management Office via