A new legal aid clinic for Black Ontarians


Published: January 10, 2018

Updated: August 1, 2019

TORONTO (January 10, 2018) – The Black Legal Action Centre (BLAC), a new independent legal clinic, has been formed with the mandate of serving the legal needs of Black Ontarians.

BLAC is a not for profit corporation under the laws of the Province of Ontario created for the purpose of contributing to the eradication of anti‑Black racism through the provision of legal services to low‑income members of Ontario’s Black communities.

BLAC aims to provide legal representation; engage in test case litigation, law reform, and community development; and deliver summary legal advice, brief services, and public legal education.

The full mandate, scope of operations, base of operation and other aspects of the clinic will be developed as part of a community consultation process to be held in the coming months. A request for proposals to develop this consultation process will be issued shortly.

The interim board of BLAC includes Idil Abdillahi, Zanana Akande, Wingrove Carmichael, Sandy Hudson, Aba Stevens and Rinaldo Walcott.


“This is an important moment for our community. Everyone involved in this new clinic is looking forward to hearing from and working with members of the Black community to determine how a new Black‑led and Black‑focussed legal clinic can best serve the legal needs of members of the Black community.”

Zanana Akande, Chair, BLAC Board of Directors

“Anti-Black racism permeates every aspect of life—from parenting, to education, to employment, to healthcare, to interactions with the justice system. I am confident that through the work of the Black Legal Action Centre, we will improve access to justice for Black Ontarians.”

Rinaldo Walcott, BLAC Board of Directors

“Legal Aid Ontario is proud to be supporting the formation of the Black Legal Action Centre. This work is directly in line with our mandate to ensure access to justice for members of disadvantaged communities. LAO looks forward to supporting BLAC in achieving this important goal.”

David Field, President and CEO, Legal Aid Ontario