Data set: Clinic services

LAO funds 72 legal clinics across Ontario: 59 general legal clinics provide legal services related to poverty law, social assistance, housing, and more. 13 specialty clinics specialize in other areas of law and represent specific individuals (e.g., seniors, people living with HIV/AIDS). Data collected include the number of cases clinics opened by area of law and hours they spent helping clients.


File Format Data type Data last refreshed
Cases opened in CIMS 2021‑22 XLSX Table November 2021
Cases opened in CIMS 2020‑21 XLSX Table June 2021
Cases opened in CIMS 2019‑20 XLSX Table June 2021
Other services started XLSX Table June 2021
Other services (hours recorded) XLSX Table June 2021
Tenant duty counsel: Number of clients vs. number of services provided XLSX Table June 2021


Note that data collected does not contain and information about client identities, their applications for legal aid or particulars for their case. This information is considered confidential as per the Legal Aid Services Act.