Communicating with LAO’s Lawyer Services and Payments (LSP) through Legal Aid Online

Legal Aid Online has a feature that permits lawyers to forward messages electronically to LSP and receive faster resolutions to certificate‑related enquiries.

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Go to the Communication tab on the Legal Aid Online homepage and look for the “Submit materials to LSP, Audit, Case Management” link.

Lawyers will be able to use web-based tools to submit requests for review, disbursements, payment status and nearly all other certificate‑related correspondence to LSP.

Please note: You must continue to send dockets and requests for discretion as an attachment to your accounts.

Once you submit a document, Legal Aid Online records it in its messaging system section to confirm to lawyers that LAO has received it. The system then sends correspondence directly to an LSP staff member, who can process the request quickly.

In addition, to help to promote quicker, more efficient communication, lawyers will be able to receive messages and correspondence from LSP through Legal Aid Online. LSP only responds to enquiries electronically, through Legal Aid Online. Responses to lawyers’ certificate enquiries are in the Mail and Communication section on Legal Aid Online.

Lawyers can contact the LSC toll-free Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

1-866-979-9934 (toll free)
416-979-9934 (GTA)
416-979-7326 (fax)