Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) applications

Tariff increase

Certificate hours for H&C applications and submissions have increased from 10 to 16 hours.

Note: LAO does not cover the application fees required when making applications under Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds. Those in receipt of a certificate must pay the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada filing fees ($550 per adult and $150 per child) from their own private funds.

Enhanced legal eligibility

Certificates for H&C applications and submissions are available for an expanded range of clients and circumstances including:

  • Victims of domestic abuse
  • Cases engaging the best interests of non‑citizen children (previously limited to citizens)
  • Persons facing serious human rights violations beyond the scope of refugee protection
  • Persons who elect to pursue H&C applications rather than refugee claims
  • Persons with significant mental health issues.

Note: LAO may provide coverage in other meritorious circumstances as well, on a case‑by‑case basis.