Disbursement authorization requests

Some disbursements require prior authorization. In order to determine whether a disbursement requires prior authorization from Legal Aid Ontario (LAO), please refer to the Disbursement Handbook.

LAO has created specific forms for use regarding the following disbursements:

  • paternity/ DNA testing in family law/ child protection matters;
  • transcripts (e.g. bail hearings, DVD statements, s. 11b applications, civil examinations);
  • translations (e.g. identity documents and supporting documents in immigration matters);
  • experts – medical/ non-medical

These forms should be used for these specific disbursement requests only. Requests for all other disbursements which require prior authorization should be made in writing.


How to request a disbursement authorization

Authorization must be sought in advance and in writing. When requesting authorization, provide as much detail as possible, such as estimated cost(s), number of pages/ hours, if applicable, and the name and credentials (CV) of any expert, if applicable.

Ensure the email subject line contains the client’s name, the certificate number and the issuing district office.

If the disbursement request is urgent, add URGENT to the subject line. (Do not designate a request as urgent unless you need a response immediately or within 72 hours.)

Disbursement authorizations are dealt with by Lawyer Services and Payments.


Submitting your request

Please submit the completed form through Legal Aid Online using electronic document submission or LAOiFax process.