Instructions for completing the guaranteed daily rate for northern lawyers

This account is to be used to bill for legal aid services that are provided in the remote northern areas specified by regulation:

  • Cochrane, Kenora, Rainy River, Temiskaming, Nishnawbe-Aski in locations:

    1. that are fly-in courts or are more than 200 kilometres from the lawyer’s office;
    2. that are not in a location where there is a legal aid area office.
  • Thunder Bay: Geraldton, Longlac, Schreiber, Armstrong, Manitouwadge and Marathon
  • Sudbury/Manitoulin: Chapleau and Gogama
  • Algoma: Wawa

Services to be billed on a GDR account must be pre-authorized by the appropriate area office, either by being scheduled as duty counsel, or by obtaining a travel authorization for certificate work.

Specific Instructions on Completing the GDR Account Form:

Complete Table One for the date of GDR services. See the reverse side of this sheet for the actual rates. Be sure to:

  1. List the Certificate Number and Client Name for each Legal Aid Certificate on which you performed services on the GDR date. Record whether the client identifies as First Nation, Métis, or Inuit
  2. Insert the GDR Service Fee for the GDR Service Date in the space indicated.

If you perform two consecutive days of GDR Services in one location submit an account form for each day. For the second day it is only necessary to complete Table One and the Duty Counsel Services on the back (if applicable) and attach it to the first day’s GDR Account form.

Complete Table Two if it is necessary for you to travel the day before the GDR Service Date, or if the GDR Services in a fly-in location are cancelled no earlier than noon the day before the scheduled GDR Service Date. Insert the appropriate GDR Travel/Cancellation Fee in the space provided. See the reverse side of this sheet for the actual rates.

Record all Travel and Other Disbursements in Table Three. Receipts for out of pocket disbursements are to be attached to the account. If you complete 2 days of GDR services, record all disbursements on the account for the first day.

Calculate the amount of HST billed on the Total Fees and on the Total Disbursements and insert these amounts into the spaces indicate. The “Total HST” (“HST billed on Total Fees” + “HST Billed on Total Disbursements”) must also be inserted where indicated. Your HST Registration Number is only necessary if this is the first account you are submitted to Legal Aid Ontario.

Submit the GDR Account to your local area director (or supervisory duty counsel if so directed by your area director) for review and approval. Approved accounts will be forwarded by the area office to Head Office for payment. Unapproved, incorrect or incomplete GDR Accounts will be returned for approval and/or correction prior to payment.

If you have any questions with regards to the proper completion of this form please contact the area office for assistance.

Guaranteed Daily Rate Table for Remote Northern Services

Type of GDR Description Amount
Service Date GDR Daily block fee for services rendered in fly-in location or location 200 km from office $1,181.96
Travel GDR Block fee for travel required on day prior to Service Date $590.98
Cancellation GDR (Fly-in courts only) Flight or fly-in court is cancelled between 12:00 noon on day before flight and take-off $590.98
Fly-in court is cancelled en route after take-off $1,181.96

Rates for fly-in courts in Nishnawbe-Aski communities are different. Please contact the Nishnawbe-Aski area office for particulars.