Updated transcription rates for roster members

Published: April 11, 2022

Updated: May 11, 2022

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has amended the rates for billing transcription disbursements and now requires roster members to follow specific guidelines when ordering transcripts, following the introduction of updated rates for court transcription services pursuant to O. Reg 145/22 under the Administration of Justice Act.

The rates applicable for transcription orders placed as of April 1, 2022 are:

Transcript type (ordered on or after Apr. 1/22) Paper Electronic
Original transcript $7.10 per page* $6.30 per page
Copy of transcript $0.80 per page $25.00 per copy
Court of Appeal transcript $7.10 per page* $6.30 per page
Expedite (within 5 business days) $9.60 per page* $8.80 per page
Daily (within 24 hours) $12.55 per page* $11.75 per page
Minimum fee $25.00 per transcript $25.00 per transcript

*Includes electronic copy at no extra charge if requested at the same time

The new regulation provides different rates for transcripts ordered in paper versus electronic formats. Generally, LAO requires counsel to order original transcripts in electronic (not paper) format. The requirement for electronic format also applies to appeal transcripts for the Court of Appeal or the Divisional Court: LAO will only pay for one original/first copy in electronic format. This is in accordance with the current Practice Directions, which require that all documents be filed electronically.

Ordering parties may share electronic transcripts with multiple parties at no additional cost, as long as one certified electronic copy has been ordered. In cases where the Crown/Opposing party or the Court has ordered the original/first copy, counsel should request a shared electronic copy of the transcript from the ordering party. Where a shared copy is not available, a second copy of transcripts may be obtained in electronic format, at the flat rate of $25.00 (where permitted). For additional information, please refer the Q&A’s posted on the Authorized Court Transcriptionists for Ontario website.

Further, LAO will no longer pay for certified paper copies of transcripts. If copies are required, counsel must order them in electronic format only. If paper copies of transcripts for counsel’s in-office use are required, they can be printed by counsel or by a printer at a rate not exceeding $0.10 per page.

LAO’s Disbursements Handbook is currently being updated to reflect the above-noted changes, and a version with these amendments will be available soon. Until then, any provisions not impacted by the above-noted changes remain unchanged and will continue to be applicable.

Finally, if you are billing for an inherent transcript, please note that the current values in Legal Aid Online have not yet been updated were updated on April 13, 2022 to match the new transcript rates.