LASA 2020 has been proclaimed

Published: October 18, 2021

The Legal Aid Services Act, 2020 (LASA 2020) has now been proclaimed.

The new act allows Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) the opportunity to innovate and modernize both legal aid services and how those services are delivered.

Under LASA 2020, LAO has established rules and policies to manage and administer legal aid. This rule-based framework enables LAO to modernize and clarify its operational structure—increasing efficiency and improving service.

During the past year, LAO received feedback on the draft LASA 2020 rules from more than 200 individuals and organizations. LAO is grateful for the informed and thoughtful feedback and has responded with a highlight of the changes made to address that feedback. LAO will continue to encourage input from stakeholders on future initiatives through its consultation registry and will be seeking feedback from key stakeholders on the current LASA 2020 policies in the coming months.

To reaffirm its commitment to its clients, work, and vital role in the justice system, LAO also developed a statement of principles. These principles guide LAO’s strong tradition of service that will continue as it transitions from its founding statue, the Legal Aid Services Act, 1998, to the updated legislation.

Every day, LAO and its service providers work with low-income Ontarians, providing them with the legal help they need, and the access to justice they deserve.

LAO looks forward to continuing this important work with its partners in the justice system.