Updated: LASA 2020: Charter Block has been discontinued (payment for Charter Motion where charges resolved prior to scheduling trial)

Published: December 3, 2021

Schedule 2 of the Legal Aid Services Rules regarding fees and disbursements no longer provides coverage for Charter applications on block fee matters.

The two-hour tariff enhancer for preparing and filing Charter applications remains available:

  • When the authorized criminal proceeding on the certificate has been set down for trial.
  • On block fee exempt certificates (Youth and listed Criminal proceedings).

On block fee eligible certificates where a Charter application will be argued and the matter was not set down for trial, counsel can request that the certificate be exempted from block fees under section 7(1)(d) of Schedule 2. Such requests should be submitted in writing to the Director General for the region issuing the certificate.

The Charter block selection will be removed from the account page on December 4, 2021.

How to request block fee payment for Charter applications before Dec. 4

 If you were unable to bill for a Charter block that was argued prior to Dec. 4, 2021, submit a request for payment to Lawyer Services and Payments through Legal Aid Online. To receive payment, you must confirm that the Charter motion was argued prior to Dec. 4, 2021.