Complete your annual lawyer self-report by March 31, 2022

Published: January 31, 2022

The annual self-report for roster lawyers is now available in the Personal Info section of Legal Aid Online.

Legal Aid Services Act, 2020

On Oct. 18, 2021, the Legal Aid Services Act 2020 (LASA 2020) came into force. It replaces the Legal Aid Services Act 1998 (LASA 1998). LASA 2020 has made a number of changes that affect lawyers who provide legal aid services — including changes to terminology.

As of Oct. 18, 2021, all panel lawyers were automatically transitioned to the LAO Roster.

The 2021 lawyer self-report continues to reflect terminology under LASA 1998 as 10.5 months of the 2021 reporting year fell under this act. Accordingly, please submit your annual self-report for all of your work in 2021, including work completed after LASA 2020 came into force.

Deadline to report – March 31, 2022:

LASA 2020 and its rules require all roster lawyers to complete their self-report by March 31 each year.

Further to the Auditor General of Ontario’s recommendations, and in accordance with LASA 2020 and its rules, roster lawyers who do not file their self-report by March 31, 2022 will be automatically redirected to the self-report page and will have limited Legal Aid Online functionality. Acknowledging new certificates and submitting accounts to LAO will not be possible until the report is filed.

Roster lawyers who do not file an annual report by Dec. 31, 2022 may be suspended and removed from the roster (Rules 32 (5)(6)).

Thank you. We look forward to receiving your report.


For questions about roster membership or conditional status, contact your district area office or

For technical difficulties with the online self-report, contact the Lawyer Service Centre at 416‑979‑9934 or 1‑866‑979‑9934.