LAO waives eligibility testing for new Judge-Led Intensive Case Management Court certificates

Published: October 12, 2021

Updated: October 29, 5600

Judge-Led Intensive Case Management Court (JICMC) certificates are time-limited and meant to help the Ontario Court of Justice as it addresses the backlog due to the COVID‑19 pandemic in case management court.

LAO staff will support the JICMC by identifying self-represented accused who qualify for the JICMC certificate. LAO staff will also ensure that clients eligible for regular LAO services have completed their applications.


Accused people without retained counsel and who have had their cases adjourned to the JICMC will qualify for legal assistance without the need for financial testing.

How to Get a JICMC Certificate

  1. Accused does not need to contact LAO to obtain this certificate
  2. Accused chooses a lawyer to represent you in the JICMC by visiting
  3. The retained counsel will complete the necessary form and send it to LAO to obtain the certificate.
  4. If the accused does not have access to a computer, the local duty counsel office may be able to provide them with a list of LAO lawyers in their area.

Accused are provided with a handout with more information including local duty counsel office numbers. This handout will also be widely shared with stakeholders to help promote the availability of this new certificate.


Clients will be entitled to representation leading to either:

  • a resolution of the matter (withdrawal of charges, diversion, peace bond, or plea)


  • setting the matter for trial (including representation at a judicial pre-trial on trial issues but excluding representation at trial)

The JICMC certificate’s block fee rate is $1,055. The certificate is ineligible for any additional authorizations, discretion or change of solicitor requests.

In order to accept the JICMC certificate, private bar lawyers must be current criminal panel members.