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Welcome to Legal Aid Ontario’s forms library, where you will find forms for Accounts and billing, Block Fees, and Case Management and Litigation grouped alphabetically by subject.

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Accounts & billing

Aug. 2013

Expedite payment of account request

Use this form to request consideration for the expedited payment of an account.


expedite, payment, account
Form 50: Criminal certificate account form

Submit criminal accounts for payment.


50, fifty, account, criminal, certificate
Form 51: Civil certificate account form

Submit civil accounts for payment.


51, fifty one, account, civil, certificate
Guaranteed Daily Rate for northern lawyers

Use this account form to bill for legal aid services provided in remote northern areas (as specified by regulation). For printing only - does not perform calculations


guaranteed daily rate, guaranteed, daily, rate, gdr, north, northern, account

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Block fees

Solicitors who have an active portal ID can submit an electronic request to add additional charges, make changes to an existing certificate or request a new certificate due to charges proceeding separately. Those who do not have a portal ID may complete the manual request form, print and fax it to the number shown on the bottom of the form.

Aug. 2013

Request to add charges, to change an existing certificate or to request a new certificate for charges proceeding separately

To add additional charges, make changes or request a new certificate due to charges proceeding separately, on open and active certificates.


block fees, request, add, certificate

Aug. 2013

Request for a mental health authorization

This authorization may be granted when the certificate is issued if there is an identifiable history of mental health issues. If the authorization is not granted when the certificate is issued, it may be requested.


block fees, mental, mental health, request, authorization, certificate

Aug. 2013

Request for Gladue authorization

You must be a member of the Gladue panel to receive this authorization.


block fees, glade, request, authorization

Case management and litigation forms


assessment, preliminary, hearing, criminal, mid-level
assessment, tial, criminal, mid-level

Aug. 2013

Family Case Management Assessment form

For counsel conducting a CFSA case where certificate total cost (fee & disbursements) is likely to exceed $8,000.


assessment, child and family services act, cfsa, family

Big Case Management (BCM)

May, 2013

BCM Hearings Opinion Guideline

Application form can be used for any type of hearing, i.e. a preliminary hearing, sentencing hearing, dangerous offender hearing, etc.


big, case, management, preliminary, sentencing, hearing, dangerous, offender

May, 2013

BCM Trials Opinion Guidelines

Application form for cases that have gone to trial.


application, big, case, management, trial

Complex Case Rate (CCR)

Complex Case Rate case eligibility application

The Complex Case Rate (CCR) panel offers eligible lawyers enhanced funding on particular types of cases.


complex case rate, ccr, panel, eligibility, application
Complex Case Rate panel application

Membership on the Complex Case Rate panel is a prerequisite for a case to be considered eligible.


complex case rate, ccr, panel, application

Expert forms

Application for inclusion on LAO Vendor of Record

For experts in all fields interested in being on LAO's Vendor of Record list.


expert, vendor or record, application
Application for enhanced expert rate

Complete this form to apply for an enhanced expert rate


expert, enhanced, rate, application
Survey - Enhanced rate services

This survey must be completed at the conclusion of the expert's services


expert, survey, enhanced, mandatory, required
Reference form (Experts)

Experts wishing to be included on the Vendor list must get references from LAO panel members


expert, reference, vendor

Major criminal appeal application

Area Committee Opinion Guide - Section 28 of LASA

Pursuant to Section 28 of the Legal Aid Services Act only the Area Committee can authorize an appeal certificate.


area committee, section 28, legal aid services act, lasa

Change of information

Lawyer change of information form

For changes in personal information, panel membership, and direct deposit information. Only fill in the information that you are changing, and leave the other sections blank.


change, information lawyer, direct deposit

Consent forms

July 2014

Client consent - Duty counsel

Form for client to sign before being assisted by duty counsel


consent, client, duty counsel, courtroom, courhouse, lawyer of record, conflict of interest

Costs and settlements

Assignment for Judgment for Costs

Agreement for paying to LAO and monies the assignor might receive in relation to the costs award


costs, award, recover, recoverable

Disbursement authorizations

Requests for the following types of disbursements (authorized, additional funds) can be submitted through Legal Aid Online using electronic document submission or LAOiFax process.

July, 2014

disbursement, authorization, account, expert, request, other, service

May, 2014

disbursement, authorization, account, request, paternity, father, dad, mother, mom, baby, child, test, testing

May, 2014

disbursement, authorization, account, request, transcript, transacripts, transcriptions

July, 2014

disbursement, authorization, account, translation, translations, french

Read tips and instructions on how to use these forms


In some cases, where exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated, a discretionary increase in payment of an account may be granted where an account has exceeded the tariff maximum for the certificate. If your account exceeds the tariff maximum, and you want to apply for discretion, attach the appropriate form when submitting the account:

July 2014

Request for discretion - Criminal law

Click here for a sample of a completed form


discretion, request, account, criminal

July 2014

request, discretion, account, family, child and family services act, cfsa

July 2014

discretion, request, account, family, support, access, custody, baby, child, children

July 2014

Request for discretion - Refugee law

Click here for a sample of a completed form


discretion, request, refugee

July 2014

Request for discretion - General

Use the general form for all other case types


discretion, request, account, general

July 2014

Request for review

If you are dissatisfied with the settlement of your account, use this form to request a review. Requests for review should be made within 60 days of payment of the account.


discretion, request, account, review

For more information on the use of these forms please refer to our Discretion Guidelines.

Group Application and Test Case Committee

May 2014

Application for test case funding

To make an application for a test of public interest case (“Test Case”) please fill out all of the applicable fields and submit it, as well as any other relevant documentation, to the Group Application and Test Case Committee


application, funding, test case, group appllication, public interest

Independant legal advice

Apr. 2014

Authorization for ILA on mediation

You must be on Legal Aid Ontario’s family duty counsel panel to accept this authorization.


independant, independent, advice, mediation, authorization

Lawyer's annual self-report

Mar. 2014

Lawyer's annual self-report

Lawyers can access, fill in and submit their 2014 self-report on Legal Aid Online


self report, panel, legal aid panel, mandatory, lawyers

Legal aid panel

Application forms to join the various LAO panels. For more information, see panel standards.

Application forms

legal aid panel, empanelment, application
direct deposit, account, authorization
direct deposit, authorization, change, account
tier, level, increase, application
change, information, lawyer
change, panel, membership, request

Consent & Capacity Board

consent, capacity, application
consent, capacity, specialty, letter

Criminal panel forms

panel, criminal, application
panel, criminal, experience, agreement
panel, criminal, application, gladue
panel, criminal, extremely, serious, esm, application
panel, criminal, extremely, serious, esm, application, reference
panel, criminal, complex case rate, ccr, application
panel, criminal, complex case rate, ccr, eligibility, application

Duty counsel panel

panel, duty counsel, criminal, application
panel, duty counsel, family, flic, family law information centre
panel, duty counsel, advice lawyer, application, general
panel, duty counsel, advice lawyer, application, domestic violence
panel, duty counsel, advice lawyer, application, mental health, refugee, immigration, correctional, jail

Family/CFSA panel forms

panel, family, child and family services act, cfsa, sub-panel, application
panel, family, application
panel, family, agreement, experience

Refugee panel

panel, refugee, application


release, law society of upper canada, lsuc, law society
release, lawyers professional indemnity company, indemnity, insurance


merit, judicial, assessment, refugee

Sept. 2013

Merit assessment - Refugee Appeal Division (RAD)

Click here for a sample of a completed form


merit, assessment, refugee, refugee appeal division, appeal, rad

July, 2013

Refugee authorization request form

Prep for subsequent IRB-RPD attendance & written submissions


refugee, authorization, IRB-RPD irb, rpd, immigration refugee board


Jan. 2015

Consent and waiver to Legal Aid Ontario to release information

Upon receipt from the client of this form, LAO will release the client’s file to the Ministry of the Attorney General.


rowbotham, pilot, consent, waiver, file, release

Jan. 2015

Acknowledgement from counsel authorising legal aid to release information

If the client is not available to sign a consent to release the file to a lawyer, then the lawyer can request that LAO release the file to the client’s counsel.


rowbotham, acknowledge, acknowledgement, counsel, authorize, authorization, release, file

Second chair program

May 2014

Mentor application form

For senior lawyers seeking a junior lawyer to act as second chair


second, chair, mentor, senior, lawyer, junior, application

May 2014

Mentee application form

For junior lawyers seeking a mentor


second, chair, mentor, senior, lawyer, junior, application
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