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LAO Reports

For your reference listed in this section are some of the various reports compiled by Legal Aid Ontario. If you have any questions or require further information regarding any of the following material then please feel free to contact us.

1. Annual reports

Legal Aid Ontario annual reports

2014/15 Legal Aid Ontario annual report

Past reports

Refugee & Immigration Services annual report

Refugee & Immigration Services: 2015/16 annual report

Past reports

Senior counsel program

LAO senior counsel program 2015/16 annual report

2. Business plan

2015/16 - 2017/18 business plan

Past reports

2014/15 - 2016/17 business plan

2013/14 - 2015/16 business plan

3. Discussion papers

LAO Open Government Discussion Paper

A discussion paper that outlines LAOs existing open government commitments and introduces the potential for greater open government initiatives at LAO and in the justice system.

The discussion paper is the first part in a consultation process that will begin later in 2016. In anticipation of this process, LAO invites organizations and individuals to provide written submissions at any time to

Open Government at Legal Aid Ontario: promoting transparency and accountability in Ontarios justice system

4. Evaluations & reports

Legal Aid Ontario's Aboriginal Justice Strategy

The mandate of developing an Aboriginal Justice Strategy is to create a three to five year plan to achieve measurable improvements in LAO's services to Aboriginal people. The plan will provide specific options and recommendations to enhance legal aid services.

Aboriginal Justice Strategy: 2011-12 Action Plan (January 18, 2012)

Aboriginal Justice Strategy Update (September 16 /09)

Aboriginal Justice Strategy Update (February 18 /09)

Aboriginal Justice Strategy Update (August 21/08)

The Development of Legal Aid Ontario's Aboriginal Strategy (June 20/08)

Clinic mergers

Goss Gilroy Inc (GGI) conducted a Review of Clinic Mergers on behalf of Legal Aid Ontario (LAO). The purpose of this review was to 1) ascertain whether, through the Northwestern (Kenora-Rainy River) Community Legal Clinic (NWCLC) merger in 2009 and Hamilton Community Legal Clinic (HCLC) merger in 2010, there was added Value for Money (VfM); 2) determine what benefits had been achieved through the mergers; 3) establish what lessons have been learned; and 4) identify what key tools and other types of resources might assist other clinics which are considering mergers.

Review of Clinic Mergers
March 2014


Clinic Relationship Consultation

Consultations organized by both the ACLCO and by LAO will be taking place across the province beginning in September '08.
(Read more - July 29/08)

Evaluation of Criminal Law Offices

With funding assistance from the Federal government, Legal Aid Ontario has established three Criminal Law Office (CLOs) in Barrie, Brampton and Ottawa. These CLOs are staff offices with a mandate to suplement the judicare (certificate) service delivered by the private bar. LAO has committed eo ensuring that a major (three-year) independant evaluation of these offices be undertaken and made available to the general public.

Justice - More Than Criminal Courts

A Submission to the Panel on Justice and the Media.
(Read more - June 7/05)

Legal Aid Ontario - 1999-2004

A report on the accomplishments of Legal Aid Ontario since it was established in April of 1999 to provide legal aid services to Ontario's low-income population.

Portrait of the Legal Needs of Francophone Women in Ontario

A study conducted for Action ontarienne contre la violence faite aux femmes on behalf of the Centre francophone de Toronto for Legal Aid Ontario

Portrait of the Legal Needs of Francophone Women in Ontario


Reviews of LAO divisions and organizations are performed periodically to ensure we are following all established mandates and guidelines.

5. Ombudsman reports

The Office of the Ombudsman investigates complaints about services provided by the Government of Ontario and its organizations.

6. Quality perfomance overview

This report is issued on a quarterly basis and includes updates on the organization's financial position, client services, legal aid certificates, and lawyer payments.

Q4 2014/15
Information and data from LAO's fourth quarter for the 2014/15 fiscal year.

Past reports

Q3 2014/15

Q2 2014/15

Q1 2014/15

Q4 2013/14

Q3 2013/14

Q2 2013/14

Q1 2013/14

Q4 2012/13

Q3 2012/13

Q2 2012/13

Q1 2012/13

Q4 2011/12

Q3 2011/12

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7. Survey results

Lawyer satisfaction survey

LAO lawyer satisfaction survey results for 2016
March 2017 / HTML

Past reports