Test cases

Application information and requirements

All counsel for applicants must submit a completed copy of the application for test case funding form.

Successful applicants may be issued a legal aid certificate or may be funded by way of a project funding agreement. In addition, LAO may provide:

  • research support
  • coordination of linkages and partnerships
  • staff lawyer support or mentoring

As a condition of receiving test case program committee support from LAO, applicants may be required to:

  • work in partnership with others
  • enter into a mentoring relationship
  • secure pro bono contributions
  • share resources
  • publicize LAO’s support and authorize LAO to communicate about its support of the application.

Successful applicants are required to provide LAO with regular updates on the progress of their matter and with final outcome reports.

Application form

Application for test case funding
Note: At the bottom of the form you have the option to save a working copy
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