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Information for Lawyers

Janet Leiper "Mentoring is the generosity of lawyers to fellow lawyers: the ultimate gift of time, skill and care given from one professional to another. It is one of the truly wonderful things about the practice of law."

"I have been honoured to have had the benefit of mentoring from a number of colleagues: both my peers and senior colleagues. And, I have passed on this tradition by serving as a mentor throughout my career. I invite you to consider participating in one or more of LAO's mentoring programs: one-on- one mentoring, on-line advice, or group mentoring"

Janet Leiper,
Past Chair of Legal Aid Ontario Board of Directors

Types of mentoring at LAO

One-on-One mentoring:

Local rosters of mentors facilitate the establishment of mentoring relationships for lawyers unable to access expert advice from a senior practitioner through informal mentoring or within his/her own firm. District offices' participation is optional, depending on capacity and need.

To sign-up for the One-on-One Mentoring program, contact your district office.

Group mentoring

LAOs digital learning resources may be used by district offices and supervisory duty counsel to serve as a focus for group study that provide support to young lawyers or lawyers new to a field of law. Contact your district office or supervisory duty counsel to find out if this is available locally.

Online learning resources

LAO LAW offers access to online learning resources recorded by the Quality Service Office, including DVDs and streaming downloads of legal education seminars. These learning resources support young lawyers, and some of the materials are required viewing for panel memberships and maintaining panel standards.

LAO LAW provides a link to these training materials. To access them, enter the LAO LAW website, on the left-hand side of the page under Other Resources, and click on Learning Opportunities. There are seminars in family law, criminal law, refugee law, Child and Family Services Act, mental health law and advocacy.

Other resources:

Training seminars on DVD for panel members are available at a nominal cost through LAO LAW's website. Once logged in, choose "Learning Opportunities" from the menu.