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LAO LAW is a Legal Aid Ontario department providing support to lawyers representing legally aided clients. LAO LAW’s online services are available to Ontario lawyers representing clients on legal aid certificates.

Areas of law

LAO LAW provides information on the following areas of law:

  • Aboriginal legal issues
  • correctional law
  • criminal law
  • family law
  • immigration and refugee law
  • mental health law

Materials available on the LAO LAW website

General memoranda provide a topic overview in all areas. They are complemented by specific issue memoranda that address discrete legal issues.

Current and back issues of The Bottom Line are found on the site. A weekly digest of summaries, The Bottom Line is also available by email subscription. The publication highlights breaking developments in case law and legislation in criminal, family, and refugee law.

The LAO LAW site also includes criminal, family, and immigration and refugee law factums and precedents, an electronic newsletter (LAW@LAO), a forensic science database, links to useful websites, and various legal articles and manuals.

Research services

While LAO LAW also provides case-specific research to Ontario lawyers in certificate cases, lawyers should consult the website prior to making a request for specialized research.

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