Legal aid panels

Lawyer's annual self-report

All Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) panel lawyers must complete and submit an annual self-report to:

  • renew or retain membership on the legal aid panels and areas of law in which they work
  • confirm their ongoing compliance with panel standards
  • automatically update their panel standing on LAOs rosters

Lawyers can access, fill in and submit their self-report on Legal Aid Online. The self-report will be located in the Personal Info section.

2017 self-report

The 2017 self-report will be available for completion starting January 28, 2018. The deadline to complete the 2017 self-report is March 31, 2018.

Questions and answers

Q. What is the annual self-report?

It is a report that LAO requires all panel lawyers to complete about themselves, in order to maintain their continued standing on LAOs panels and confirm ongoing compliance with panel standards.

On it, panel lawyers confirm that they continue to meet the requirements of the panel standards, i.e. they have:

  • attained the required minimum amount of related experience (or equivalency) for continued standing and
  • completed their annual professional development, as required by the panel standards during the previous calendar year.

Q. What is the timeframe covered by the annual self-report?

The report covers January to December of the previous calendar year.

Q. Why should I complete the self-report?

If you are a panel lawyer completing your self-report will enable you to continue acknowledging certificates for the area(s) of law that correspond to your panel(s), and enable duty counsel to continue performing duty counsel services on behalf of LAO.

If you are working as a duty counsel, completing our self-report will enable you to continue performing duty counsel services on behalf of LAO.

Q. What if I submit the self-report late or not at all?

Not submitting your self-report may affect your standing on LAOs panels and may also result in removal from LAOs Find a lawyer tool.

If you are unable to submit your report before March 31, please submit it as soon as possible to avoid jeopardizing your standing and losing your listing on LAOs Find a lawyer tool.

Q. Who should complete the annual self-report?

All lawyers who are on one or more of LAOs certificate or duty counsel panels should complete this report.

Q. What happens if my status is conditional?

You are still required to fill out the self-report. Your district area director will review your status.

Q. What if the panel(s) I am on is not on the list shown in the window?

Please contact your district area office to ensure that you are on the proper panel lists.

Q. How often do I need to complete the self-report?

All certificate and duty counsel private bar lawyers need to complete this report annually.

Q. Do I need to keep records of my participation, attendance and/or viewing of continuing professional development (CPD) and continuing legal education (CLE), related to meeting the experience and CPD requirements of the panel standards?

Yes. LAO randomly audits lawyers to ensure that the information provided on their annual self-report accurately reports the experience and CPD requirements for each panel.


For questions about panel membership or conditional status, contact your district area office. For technical difficulties with the online self-report, please contact the Lawyer Service Centre at 416-979-9934 or 1-866-979-9934.