Getting legal help

Do you need legal help?

To get legal aid services, your legal issue must be one that Legal Aid Ontario covers, and you must be financially eligible. Usually, this means that:

Find out more about legal aid eligibility.

Areas of law we can help with

To find out more about our services, select the type of law below that best fits your legal issue:

How we can help

Legal Aid Ontario provides legal assistance for low-income people. Services include:

In addition to these services, LAO funds 76 community and specialty legal clinics throughout the province. While each clinic provides information, legal advice and representation, the services and area of law they provide assistance with vary by location. Contact a clinic near you to find out more.

Are you Aboriginal?

Services for Aboriginal clients are a priority. First Nations people, Métis people and Inuit people are encouraged to self-identify their Aboriginal ancestry.

Find out why it is important to tell your lawyer you are Aboriginal.

Are you Francophone?

Learn more about your linguistic rights, LAO policies on French Language Services, LAO and related services for Francophones, or how to find a
French-speaking lawyer

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