Clinic law services strategic direction

Last updated: Thursday, May 16, 2013

The paper, Clinic Law Services Strategic Direction, outlines the key objectives and principles that will underpin how the future of clinic law will be further developed to ensure the best possible client service in the most cost-effective ways.

The paper outlines four overriding objectives:

  • expand access to justice and provide fair and equal access to clinic law services across the province
  • provide a continuum of client-focussed, high-quality, cost-effective services, and promote innovation
  • meet the highest standards of public administration in Ontario, including the highest standards of transparency and accountability
  • provide more or better services in a more cost-effective way

The clinic law area of LAO’s programming represents a $70 million dollar annual investment by Ontarians and constitutes 20 per cent of LAO’s annual expenditures.

Clinic Law Services Strategic Direction

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