Information for lawyers

Payment schedule

This schedule shows timelines for payment of accounts submitted through Legal Aid Online that are billed within the tariff maximums and/or require no further adjustments or information.

The timelines for paying accounts requiring discretionary increases, accounts that require further account details and accounts that are submitted on paper remain unchanged.

If you have any questions, please contact the Lawyer Service Centre at 416-979-9934, or outside of Toronto toll-free at 1-866-979-9934.

Pay-cycle date

Deposit date

Please note, there is a 21 day period from the date accounts are received until they are paid.
(For example: Accounts received on February 11 > 15, 2017 will have a pay-cycle date of March 7, 2017 and a deposit date of March 8, 2017.)

Last updated: December 6, 2016

Payment schedule table

Account received Pay-cycle date Deposit date
Note: Dec 27, 2016: Christmas Holiday, pay cycle run before Christmas, doesn't affect payment date
01-Dec-16 > 05-Dec-16 23-Dec-16 28-Dec-16
06-Dec-16 > 07-Dec-16 29-Dec-16 30-Dec-16
08-Dec-16 > 12-Dec-16 03-Jan-17 04-Jan-17
13-Dec-16 > 14-Dec-16 05-Jan-17 06-Jan-17
15-Dec-16 > 19-Dec-16 10-Jan-17 11-Jan-17
20-Dec-16 > 21-Dec-16 12-Jan-17 13-Jan-17
22-Dec-16 > 26-Dec-16 17-Jan-17 18-Jan-17
27-Dec-16 > 28-Dec-16 19-Jan-17 20-Jan-17
29-Dec-16 > 02-Jan-17 24-Jan-17 25-Jan-17
03-Jan-17 > 04-Jan-17 26-Jan-17 27-Jan-17
05-Jan-17 > 09-Jan-17 31-Jan-17 01-Feb-17
10-Jan-17 > 11-Jan-17 02-Feb-17 03-Feb-17
12-Jan-17 > 16-Jan-17 07-Feb-17 08-Feb-17
17-Jan-17 > 18-Jan-17 09-Feb-17 10-Feb-17
19-Jan-17 > 23-Jan-17 14-Feb-17 15-Feb-17
24-Jan-17 > 25-Jan-17 16-Feb-17 17-Feb-17
26-Jan-17 > 30-Jan-17 21-Feb-17 22-Feb-17
31-Jan-17 > 01-Feb-17 23-Feb-17 24-Feb-17
02-Feb-17 > 06-Feb-17 28-Feb-17 01-Mar-17
07-Feb-17 > 08-Feb-17 02-Mar-17 03-Mar-17
09-Feb-17 > 13-Feb-17 07-Mar-17 08-Mar-17
14-Feb-17 > 15-Feb-17 09-Mar-17 10-Mar-17
16-Feb-17 > 20-Feb-17 14-Mar-17 15-Mar-17
21-Feb-17 > 22-Feb-17 16-Mar-17 17-Mar-17
23-Feb-17 > 27-Feb-17 21-Mar-17 22-Mar-17
28-Feb-17 > 01-Mar-17 23-Mar-17 24-Mar-17
02-Mar-17 > 06-Mar-17 28-Mar-17 29-Mar-17
07-Mar-17 > 08-Mar-17 30-Mar-17 31-Mar-17
09-Mar-17 > 13-Mar-17 04-Apr-17 05-Apr-17
14-Mar-17 > 15-Mar-17 06-Apr-17 07-Apr-17
16-Mar-17 > 20-Mar-17 11-Apr-17 12-Apr-17
21-Mar-17 > 22-Mar-17 13-Apr-17 17-Apr-17
Note: April 14, 2017: Good Friday (bank holiday)
23-Mar-17 > 27-Mar-17 18-Apr-17 19-Apr-17
28-Mar-17 > 29-Mar-17 20-Apr-17 21-Apr-17
30-Mar-17 > 03-Apr-17 25-Apr-17 26-Apr-17
04-Apr-17 > 05-Apr-17 27-Apr-17 28-Apr-17
06-Apr-17 > 10-Apr-17 02-May-17 03-May-17
11-Apr-17 > 12-Apr-17 04-May-17 05-May-17
13-Apr-17 > 17-Apr-17 09-May-17 10-May-17
18-Apr-17 > 19-Apr-17 11-May-17 12-May-17
20-Apr-17 > 24-Apr-17 16-May-17 17-May-17
25-Apr-17 > 26-Apr-17 18-May-17 19-May-17
27-Apr-17 > 01-May-17 23-May-17 24-May-17
02-May-17 > 03-May-17 25-May-17 26-May-17
04-May-17 > 08-May-17 30-May-17 31-May-17
09-May-17 > 10-May-17 01-Jun-17 02-Jun-17
11-May-17 > 15-May-17 06-Jun-17 07-Jun-17
16-May-17 > 17-May-17 08-Jun-17 09-Jun-17
18-May-17 > 22-May-17 13-Jun-17 14-Jun-17
23-May-17 > 24-May-17 15-Jun-17 16-Jun-17
25-May-17 > 29-May-17 20-Jun-17 21-Jun-17
30-May-17 > 31-May-17 22-Jun-17 23-Jun-17
01-Jun-17 > 05-Jun-17 27-Jun-17 28-Jun-17
06-Jun-17 > 07-Jun-17 29-Jun-17 30-Jun-17
08-Jun-17 > 12-Jun-17 04-Jul-17 05-Jul-17
13-Jun-17 > 14-Jun-17 06-Jul-17 07-Jul-17
15-Jun-17 > 19-Jun-17 11-Jul-17 12-Jul-17
20-Jun-17 > 21-Jun-17 13-Jul-17 14-Jul-17
22-Jun-17 > 26-Jun-17 18-Jul-17 19-Jul-17
27-Jun-17 > 28-Jun-17 20-Jul-17 21-Jul-17
29-Jun-17 > 03-Jul-17 25-Jul-17 26-Jul-17
04-Jul-17 > 05-Jul-17 27-Jul-17 28-Jul-17
06-Jul-17 > 10-Jul-17 01-Aug-17 02-Aug-17
11-Jul-17 > 12-Jul-17 03-Aug-17 04-Aug-17
13-Jul-17 > 17-Jul-17 08-Aug-17 09-Aug-17
18-Jul-17 > 19-Jul-17 10-Aug-17 11-Aug-17
20-Jul-17 > 24-Jul-17 15-Aug-17 16-Aug-17
25-Jul-17 > 26-Jul-17 17-Aug-17 18-Aug-17
27-Jul-17 > 31-Jul-17 22-Aug-17 23-Aug-17
01-Aug-17 > 02-Aug-17 24-Aug-17 25-Aug-17
03-Aug-17 > 07-Aug-17 29-Aug-17 30-Aug-17
08-Aug-17 > 09-Aug-17 31-Aug-17 01-Sep-17
10-Aug-17 > 14-Aug-17 05-Sep-17 06-Sep-17
15-Aug-17 > 16-Aug-17 07-Sep-17 08-Sep-17
17-Aug-17 > 21-Aug-17 12-Sep-17 13-Sep-17
22-Aug-17 > 23-Aug-17 14-Sep-17 15-Sep-17
24-Aug-17 > 28-Aug-17 19-Sep-17 20-Sep-17
29-Aug-17 > 30-Aug-17 21-Sep-17 22-Sep-17
31-Aug-17 > 04-Sep-17 26-Sep-17 27-Sep-17
05-Sep-17 > 06-Sep-17 28-Sep-17 29-Sep-17
07-Sep-17 > 11-Sep-17 03-Oct-17 04-Oct-17
12-Sep-17 > 13-Sep-17 05-Oct-17 06-Oct-17
14-Sep-17 > 18-Sep-17 10-Oct-17 11-Oct-17
19-Sep-17 > 20-Sep-17 12-Oct-17 13-Oct-17
21-Sep-17 > 25-Sep-17 17-Oct-17 18-Oct-17
26-Sep-17 > 27-Sep-17 19-Oct-17 20-Oct-17
28-Sep-17 > 02-Oct-17 24-Oct-17 25-Oct-17
03-Oct-17 > 04-Oct-17 26-Oct-17 27-Oct-17
05-Oct-17 > 09-Oct-17 31-Oct-17 01-Nov-17
10-Oct-17 > 11-Oct-17 02-Nov-17 03-Nov-17
12-Oct-17 > 16-Oct-17 07-Nov-17 08-Nov-17
17-Oct-17 > 18-Oct-17 09-Nov-17 10-Nov-17
19-Oct-17 > 23-Oct-17 14-Nov-17 15-Nov-17
24-Oct-17 > 25-Oct-17 16-Nov-17 17-Nov-17
26-Oct-17 > 30-Oct-17 21-Nov-17 22-Nov-17
31-Oct-17 > 01-Nov-17 23-Nov-17 24-Nov-17
02-Nov-17 > 06-Nov-17 28-Nov-17 29-Nov-17
07-Nov-17 > 08-Nov-17 30-Nov-17 01-Dec-17
09-Nov-17 > 13-Nov-17 05-Dec-17 06-Dec-17
14-Nov-17 > 15-Nov-17 07-Dec-17 08-Dec-17
16-Nov-17 > 20-Nov-17 12-Dec-17 13-Dec-17
21-Nov-17 > 22-Nov-17 14-Dec-17 15-Dec-17
23-Nov-17 > 27-Nov-17 19-Dec-17 20-Dec-17
28-Nov-17 > 29-Nov-17 21-Dec-17 22-Dec-17
30-Nov-17 > 04-Dec-17 22-Dec-17 27-Dec-17
Note: Dec 26, 2017: Christmas Holiday, pay cycle run on Dec 22, 2017 with payment date Dec 27, 2017
05-Dec-17 > 06-Dec-17 28-Dec-17 29-Dec-17
07-Dec-17 > 11-Dec-17 02-Jan-18 03-Jan-18
12-Dec-17 > 13-Dec-17 04-Jan-18 05-Jan-18
14-Dec-17 > 18-Dec-17 09-Jan-18 10-Jan-18
19-Dec-17 > 20-Dec-17 11-Jan-18 12-Jan-18
21-Dec-17 > 25-Dec-17 16-Jan-18 17-Jan-18
26-Dec-17 > 27-Dec-17 18-Jan-18 19-Jan-18
28-Dec-17 > 01-Jan-18 23-Jan-18 24-Jan-18
02-Jan-18 > 03-Jan-18 25-Jan-18 26-Jan-18
04-Jan-18 > 08-Jan-18 30-Jan-18 31-Jan-18