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Billing Checklist

Billing checklist

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Billing tips for criminal lawyers

Billing tips for family lawyers

Billing tips for immigration and refugee lawyers

Tips on how to meet LAO billing deadlines for certificate accounts

Tips for billing Big Case Management (BCM) files

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Legal research

Did you know that lawyers dont get paid for research? Contact LAO LAW for your research needs.

Payment schedules

Standard accounts are paid to the tariff maximum within 60 days. Find out more about LAOs payment schedule.

Billing basics at Legal Aid Ontario

New to legal aid work? Need a review of billing procedures? This page covers the basics of the billing process, and includes useful links to billing resources. Bookmark this page for quick reference.

Before you get started

Heres what you need to know before you can bill Legal Aid Ontario:

  1. All billing is done through the online billing system, called Legal Aid Online. New lawyers must contact the Lawyer Service Centre to register before they can bill online.
  2. Before you start submitting accounts, you should read through the information provided on this page, and in the Accounts and billing section. Watch the billing tutorials, and get to know the process before you start submitting accounts. This ensures that your accounts will be more accurate, and that youll get paid on time.
  3. You should also be familiar with important resources that are particular to your area of law; for example, panel standards or the Client & Lawyer Rights and Responsibilities.

Billing online

Legal Aid Online is a secure online billing portal. All lawyers must use Legal Aid Online to submit their accounts. Learn how online billing works, how to set up your account, and watch a video tutorial.

Log on to Legal Aid Online, or download a copy of the online billing guide.

Tariff and Billing Handbook

The Tariff and Billing Handbook is a plain language guide to policies, procedures, and regulations for legal aid billing and the tariff. It is intended for lawyers (and their staff) already on a legal aid panelduty counsel and/or private bar lawyers. Find out more about the legal aid tariff.

Useful billing documents

Quick links and resources for all your billing questions.