Enhanced child protection tariff

LAO analyzed lawyer billing patterns from January 2012 to December 2013. LAO estimates that going forward, 90 per cent of the cases for which lawyers would have once applied for discretion, will now be covered under the enhanced tariff.

The enhanced child protection tariff is as follows:

Authorization Previous authorization hours Available authorization hours effective Nov. 3, 2014

Interim society care


Maximum of 45 hours (for all services up to the end of first pre-trial)

Extended society care


Maximum of 45 hours (for all services up to the end of first pre‑trial)

Status review


Maximum of 10 hours if uncontested

Maximum of 25 hours if contested

Temporary care & custody


Six hours plus actual time at hearing

Preparation for subsequent trial days

Four for each day

Six hours for each day

Disbursement for hair follicle testing

Required pre‑approval

One is automatic with new certificates

The following will be updated to reflect the enhanced tariff:

  • New certificates and authorizations issued on or after Nov. 3, 2014
  • Recently issued, unbilled certificates with the current wording
  • Newly approved trial authorizations that have not been billed

For other certificates, lawyers may ask that the difference between the current and enhanced tariff be added to the certificate. Requests may be submitted to the district office for consideration.

Lawyer Services & Payments (LSP) will process recently submitted accounts with discretion requests in accordance with the enhanced tariff. As of the date of this notice, LSP is holding these accounts in abeyance for processing after Nov. 3, 2104.

Accounts paid between Sept. 3, 2014 and Nov. 3, 2014 that did not have discretion paid in full, are eligible for a review and reconsidered in accordance with the enhanced tariff. Request for review may be submitted to LSP through Legal Aid Online. Any account paid prior to Sept. 3, 2014 is not eligible for review.