Request for review

The review of a refusal of entry to a panel is governed by section 28 of the Legal Aid Services Act O.Reg. 106/99” (see O. Reg. 106/99).

You have been refused entry on to the Complex Case Rate panel. Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has provided the reasons for the refusal.

You are entitled to a review of this decision by the President or another person designated by the LAO Board.

You must provide LAO written notice within 7 days after the notice under subsection (4) is delivered. If you do not provide notice within that period, no further review is available.

You must send your notice of review to the President of Legal Aid Ontario.

Your notice should explain in writing why you do not believe that the decision is justified keeping in mind the Criteria for Evaluating Candidates for the Complex Case Rate panel attached.

Please provide all information that you want considered in the review of your refusal of entry.

The decision will be based on written material submitted.

You will be notified of the decision of the review within 60 days of receipt of your notice to LAO. This decision is final.