COVID-19 FAQs: legal aid services

I have a legal problem and also experiencing domestic abuse. How can I get legal aid help?
You can call us at 1‑800-668‑8258 from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and we will ensure your application is processed quickly to get you the legal help you need. You may also qualify for summary legal advice over the phone.
I want to request information from Legal Aid Ontario for a Freedom of Information request. What do I do?
We are temporarily accepting Freedom of Information requests by email during the COVID‑19 pandemic. Send your request to There is no cost at this time. We will do our best to process your request quickly, however there may be delays or service interruptions. We appreciate your patience.
I was told I do not qualify for legal aid. What can I do?
If you applied for legal aid and you do not qualify for a certificate, you can:

  • Ask for a review if you can provide information that was not originally presented at the initial application stage, it cannot be a mere statement of disagreement. Please include any relevant information with your request.
  • Call us at 1 800-668-8258 to discuss how we can help you or visit Other ways we can help page to learn about other options available to you.
I have an urgent matter and need legal help. Is Legal Aid still providing duty counsel services?
Yes. For family and criminal matters who have a court appearance but no lawyer, you can speak directly to duty counsel for legal advice if you qualify financially. For non‑urgent matters, our duty counsel can call you back to talk to you more about your family or criminal matter if you qualify financially.

Local resources may be available to those who do not qualify from the Information and Referral Co-ordinator (the “I.R.C.”) in the Family Law Information Centre (FLIC). This is a service outside of LAO and their hours vary by location.

Call us at 1‑800-668‑8258 to speak to our lawyers.

I have a legal problem and want to visit a community legal clinic. Are they still open?
Community legal clinics across the province continue to provide services. Please call your local clinic directly for specific details.