Open Data

Legal Aid Ontario is committed to transparency and accountability in the justice sector. LAO is fully participating in the Government of Ontario’s Open Data Directive.

Under this directive, provincial agencies are required to post a public data inventory of all the datasets they create, collect and/or manage. The rules, laws and directives for provincial agencies can be found at the Open Data Directive.

Privacy considerations

LAO is currently in the process of collecting and identifying datasets and the types of data that will be listed.

While we are required to identify datasets we are not required to post them. Under the Open Data Directive, all data should be considered open by default unless:

  • The data contains personal or confidential information, has legal, copyright or security restrictions or compromises public safety
  • The data is protected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 1990
  • The data should not be disclosed for legal, security, confidentiality, privacy or commercial sensitivity reasons.

Data inventory

The data inventory lists all data sets and identifies whether a data set is currently open, in the process of being opened or exempt from being released as open data.

Legal Aid Ontario open data inventory

Legal Aid Ontario open data inventory 8.23 KB

Data under review

Title Description Access File types
Area committee members list This dataset contains a list of all Legal Aid Ontario area committees and the members who belong to those committees. Legal Aid Ontario area committees are locally-based groups of lawyers and non-lawyers, who meet to hear the appeals of clients seeking to receive legal aid after an initial request was refused. Quarterly XLS
Geographical files of Legal Aid Ontario service locations Shapefiles containing boundary files for Legal Aid Ontario's districts and regions, area office locations, clinic catchment areas and service points. As required JSON, KML, KMZ, SHP
List of board advisory committee members Legal Aid Ontario ("LAO") has eight advisory committees. The advisory committees provide input and advice to the LAO board to support LAO's annual strategic and business planning process. The committees are intended to function as an expert panel to advise the LAO board. Members are selected every 3 years. As required CSV
location and service data This dataset is a collection of all LAO services offered in all locations across the province. It is kept up-to-date by an assigned group of information champions. Quarterly JSON
Call centre data The dataset includes: agents, number of calls, calls answered, wait times Under review CSV
Certificate service data Information includes area of law in which certificate was issued, geography, lawyer and client demographic information. Under review CSV
Certificates services data This dataset contains information about issued certificates, such as: area of law in which certificate was issued, geography, lawyer and client information Under review CSV
Client certificate application data This datset includes clients' personal, case, and financial assessment information Under review CSV
Clinic services data Dataset includes service information for all clinic locations such as, cases opened, brief services and summary advice. Under review CSV
Corporate financial data Dataset includes expenses, revenues, assets, depreciation, budgets, salaries; data used for statement of operations and monthly expense reports Under review CSV
Court statistics The dataset includes individual court house statistics; number of court house appearances prior to initial legal aid application; services provided to court house clients; areas of law serviced; decision time frames (I.E. Same day decisions); number of clients with counsel; and court worker tool statistics. Under review CSV
Court worker data Data includes client & employee information services as entered through LAOs court worker application Under review CSV
Duty counsel services Data includes information on services provided by duty counsel lawyers as well as, the type of law, date and location of services, number of clients assisted. Under review CSV
Duty counsel services This dataset includes information on services provided by duty counsel lawyers, such as, the type of law, date of service, location of services, and number of clients assisted. Under review CSV
Expanded duty counsel service data This dataset includes information on services provided by duty counsel lawyers, clients' case information, services and subsequent court dates Under review CSV
French employee skills and designated positions This is a list that is regularly updated, setting out french skills of all employees, and identifying the employees in french designated positions Restricted CSV
Legal Aid Ontario Brydges Hotline (telephone service for detained persons) Data includes calls by type, age, gender, geographical area Under review CSV
Legal Aid Ontario employee directory A listing of all employees working at Legal Aid Ontario, including position information and work contact information. Under review CSV
Legal Aid Ontario lawyer information This dataset includes which panel lawyer is approved for, whether lawyer meets panel standards and what district the lawyer operates in Under review CSV
Legal Aid Ontario staff lawyer service data Data includes client and lawyer information, including casework and docket information Under review CSV
Legal aid services by geographical office The dataset includes total referrals for duty counsel, summary legal advice, summary legal advice immigration/refugee, and mediation; breakdown of all applications and certificates, amendments, solicitor portal transactions, and duty counsel worksheet statistics. Under review CSV
Workforce size This dataset includes workforce size as reported in the measure of full time equivalent (fte). Under review CSV


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Public licence

Data published on this website utilizes the Open Government Licence — Ontario version 1.0.