Public proceeding of the Board

Immigration and refugee law advisory committee: Meeting minutes for June 18, 2008

1. Participants


John McCamus, Rod McDowell, Barb Jackman, Gerri MacDonald, Jenny Gullen


Raoul Boulakia, Ezat Mossallanejad, John Rokakis, Geraldine Sadoway, Rana Khan, Francisco Rico, Doug Lehrer

Legal Aid Ontario

Rod Strain, Heather Morgan

2. Welcome and Introductions

The Chair opened the meeting.

3. LAO Advisory Committee consultation

  • The Chair invited members to provide input on the proposed future direction of the advisory committees. It is being proposed that the advisory committees become more closely aligned with the Board’s annual strategic planning process.
  • Members indicated that they are interested in providing more direct input to the Board. A committee to the Board needs to relate to the Board.
  • If the advisory committee plays a greater role in the planning process it will enhance the legitimacy of that process. Committee members are in the trenches; they know what is working and what is not working.
  • Members made it clear that they also want to see the committee retain its current role in bringing operational issues forward. It was pointed out that operational issues can form the basis for or feed directly into new strategic planning initiatives. If the advisory committee ceases to carry out this function, there is no other avenue for bringing operational issues to the table.
  • It was felt that this committee has the right membership. Each advisory committee will have a different makeup and composition; on this committee there needs to be expertise related to the court system, border issues, shelters, clinics and NGOs. The RLA needs to be represented, and area director participation is very helpful. It could be helpful to have an academic representative on the committee, particularly someone who has experience interpreting statistical and demographic information.
  • Members were invited to send any additional ideas about membership to LAO.