B3: Better Billing Bulletin

Vol. 34
Sep. 2010

Legal Aid Ontario's Lawyer Services & Payments Department (LSP) is happy to bring you this monthly Better Billing Bulletin. It's meant to provide you and your staff with information regarding tariff and billing practices. We hope you'll find it useful.


There is a new icon, LAOiFax, now available on your Online billing Solicitor Home Page. LAOiFax allows you to create a fax cover sheet for submissions to Legal Aid Ontario. The cover sheet pre-populates vendor information, allows one of three document types to be chosen (disbursement authorization request, reviews of settled accounts request, or general correspondence) for faxing and lets you select the related certificate number.

Using LAOiFax will enable us to process your requests related to disbursements and reviews quicker. Please review the linked Training Aid or contact the Lawyer Service Centre for help using this simple tool. Please remember that discretion requests should not be faxed, but attached to your Online account.

B3 Forms Please Use Them!

Please use our forms. The forms are meant to make life easier for you and for us by

  • Identifying exactly what information LAO requires to process requests
  • Reducing the time you spend letter writing
  • Reducing the number of calls and faxes from LAO staff seeking information
  • Eliminating misplaced and misfiled correspondence by clearly identifying the nature of your request

At this time, forms exist for the following transactions:

Discretion & Reviews
 o Request for Discretion
 o Request for Review of Discretion Decision
 o Request for Retroactive Discretion

Disbursement Authorizations
 o Translations
 o Expert/Other Service Provider
 o Paternity Testing
 o Transcripts/Transcriptions

If you have questions about the forms, please contact the Lawyer Service Centre at (416) 979-9934 or 1-866-979-9934

B3 Attaching Online

Help with addressing any difficulties you experience attaching documents with macros to Online accounts is now available at attaching forms Online. Any forms with macros (built in formulas that automatically perform certain functions such as adding and subtracting) should be saved in Rich Text File (RTF) or printed to PDF and saved in PDF before attaching the form to your Online account. In addition, we are making technical upgrades to improve the performance of our Online attachment feature.

If you are having difficulties attaching Online, please contact the Lawyer Service Centre for assistance at (416) 979-9934 or 1-866-979-9934.

Please let us know if you have questions or if there are topics you'd like to see us cover by contacting the
Lawyer Service Centre (416) 979-9934 or 1-866-979-9934